Welcome to 3DFlu!

3DFlu is a comprehensive database designed to provide useful information regarding hemagglutinin proteins (HAs) of influenza virus type A. The database includes two different protein sets. The first encompasses non-redundant proteins for which crystal structures are available in the Protein Data Bank (PDB). The second set contains proteins three-dimensional models generated for HA representative sequences. These were selected from a larger pool of approximately 22000 HA sequences extracted from publicly available databases such as Uniprot, NCBI, GISAID, Influenza Research Database and EMBL-EBI. Proteins were chosen to represent the unique patterns of the amino acids located within the binding site. Thus the selected entries represent the genetic variability of the hemagglutinin binding site. In the current implementation 3DFlu encompass 263 PDB structures and 1192 homology models. Furthermore for each entry, metadata information such the virus subtype, the year of the infection, the host species and the geographic location of the infected host are included. These information are available for both structures and the 21984 HA sequences in the search engine. Moreover we provide access to structure, sequence and electrostatic potential (ESP) similarity measures calculated between each pair of structures. All these data can be easily visualized and downloaded using our web service.

This website is based on open source technologies D3.js and PV - WebGL protein viewer.

The database is made available under the Open Database License (ODbL). Web content is available under the MIT License.

If you find our work useful, please cite 3DFlu: database of sequence and structural variability of the influenza hemagglutinin at population scale